We know that one of the biggest downfalls of having hard water is those hard-to-remove mineral deposits all over. Softened water is much more manageable because the minerals have been removed. It makes chores, cleaning and laundering much easier and faster! But, when talking to our clients about our water softeners, one of the most common things we discuss is how those mineral deposits are affected and what happens to them.

Why do I have mineral deposits?

The lime scale or mineral buildup you notice in your home are the result of the hard water you’re using. Water hardness depends on the amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium that are in your tap water. The more dissolved minerals, the harder your water is.  You’ll notice this scale on your water-using appliances, knobs, shower doors and walls, sinks, toilet and so on. It also makes bathing, laundering and cleaning more work.

Will a water softener help with scale and mineral deposits?

The simple answer is, yes. Investing in a water softener is the most effective way to remove those mineral deposits you’ve been embarrassed about long enough. It is important to understand that the water softener itself isn’t working to remove the mineral deposits but the water flowing through your pipes now will.

A home water softener will provide you with softened water which will start to remove the mineral deposits and lime scale buildup that is in your pipes and on your heating elements. And, as an added bonus, it will also help to prevent future buildups. In fact, it is estimated that it takes only about two weeks for the softened water to start to remove the scale little by little.

Are there financial benefits, too?

When you remove the minerals from your water with a water softener, you will use less energy and save on heating bills by as much as 70%! According to one study, just 3 mm of this scale increases your hot water bills by over 25%. You’ll also save money on soaps and detergents because you’ll use much less of them. Not to mention the money you’ll avoid spending on repairs and replacements for your pipes and water-using appliances.

If you’re interested in learning about even more benefits of water softeners or how we can help introduce you to our effective and efficient products, give us a call. We look forward to showing you how amazing it is to live free of hard water and mineral deposits!

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