Hmmm … you’ve been noticing low water pressure lately and it’s time to do something about it. Many homeowners find themselves in the same situation. Is it the tap itself? It is the appliances you’re using? Is that just how the water is coming into your home now?

If you’ve noticed low water pressure, there is usually a reason, and we want to share some of the more common ones with you as a starting point. Then, contact our water professionals and we can help get your home’s water back to where it should be in quantity and quality.

Start in the Shower

The shower is typically one of the places we first notice low water pressure. It often means a clogged pipe, a clogged showerhead or a struggling hot water heater that is taking longer and longer to finish a cycle.

The 5 Most Common Reasons For Low Water Pressure

If you’re not exactly sure where to start in trying to figure out your low water pressure problem, you may want to look at these areas first:

  • A faulty water pressure regulator – Regulators monitor the water pressure of the main water supply. They work to control pressure spikes and the overall flow of your tap water. If you notice low pressure, there could be an issue with the device itself.
  • Issue with the water valves – When connected to municipal water, there are two water supply valves that need to be checked. The main shut-off valve and then the one by your water meter. They need to be fully open for the right pressure and if you suspect an issue, contact your water company. 
  • Low well water pressure – This could be anything from clogs, to a drying up aquifer. 
  • Hot water issues – You may have a problem with your water heater.
  • Clogged pipes and appliances – This is common for households in areas where hard water is common. Low pressure can be the result of hard mineral buildup, and you may need to work extra to clear it off the fixtures and heads or replace them. After time, the same thing will happen again with these hard minerals.

When Hard Water is to Blame For Low Water Pressure

Hard water is a common reason for low pressure and it is a simple one to fix but it can impact all areas of your house in subtle, yet costly ways. It makes your water-using appliances inefficient and can waste a lot of money.  Our water softeners will remove hard minerals and create water that works better and more efficiently with your home’s water heater, water-using appliances and your pipes as well. You’ll save money on energy efficiency and use, buy fewer detergents and soaps and replace water-using appliances less often.

Our water professionals can test your home’s water and figure out which water treatment system is right for you. We use water in our homes each and every day, and low water pressure and lengthy regeneration cycles can really create a problem. Soften your water and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your appliances – we’re glad to help!

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