Investing in a water softener or soft water delivery service can make all the difference when it comes to setting the tone of your home! And as a residential water treatment company, we know the importance of water quality to your quality of life.

Soft water improves the performance of your appliances, preserves your clothes in the laundry, transforms your beauty routine, eliminates spotty dishes, and can even encourage you to drink more water.

5 Key Benefits of Soft Water

1. Soft water helps improve appliance performance.

Hard water in your home can lead to clogged pipes and extra wear and tear on your appliances. Introducing a water softener to your home’s water supply improves the performance of your household appliances. Think dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, and even coffee maker! By reducing mineral deposits in these appliances, you are helping them to operate efficiently and last longer. In this way, using soft water can save you money on energy and new appliances.

2. Soft water helps preserve your clothes so they last longer.

It’s difficult to imagine that hard water can have such a big impact on your quality of life, but it extends even to the clothes on your back. If you’ve ever washed your clothes only to get an unfortunate whiff later, don’t worry– it’s not your fault. Detergent residue and mineral buildup are making your favorite garments dull, shapeless, and stiff.

Although soft water is gentler on your fabrics, it’s more effective at getting them cleaner. A water softener protects your clothing from fading, discoloration, and tearing. Colors stay bright and whites stay white! Using soft water will have your laundry looking its absolute best with minimum effort.

3. Transform your beauty routine.

When you wash your face with hard water from your tap, it can leave behind a soapy, filmy layer. You might even feel sticky! Since hard water doesn’t mix well with soap, all those double cleansing and multiple-step skincare routines go out the window. If you’re cleansing with hard water, even a quality facial soap can end up just sticking to your skin and causing breakouts.

A water softener can actually transform your beauty routine by working against product buildup to give you the deepest clean. Soft water allows you to lather, cleanse, and rinse as originally intended! Taking a shower with softened water results in brighter skin and bouncier hair. Washing with softened water means a deeper clean with less soapy residue, which over time, will contribute to a glowing complexion and enviable hair volume.

4. Eliminate spotty dishes.

While those pesky water spots aren’t technically damaging your favorite casserole dish or much-loved wine glass, they can give the impression that your kitchen isn’t as clean as it should be. Hard water affects the majority of American households, but no one wants to spend their time polishing glassware. Without a water softener, tap water can leave water spots or appear as a milky film. Eliminate the chance of spotty dishes by washing your dishes with soft water.

5. Soft water tastes better so you can drink more water!

Water softeners eradicate those excess minerals that can cause your home’s tap water to taste metallic, bitter, or earthy. Studies have shown that improving the taste and odor of water significantly increases how much we drink. Soft water makes staying hydrated easy. One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of soft water is to drink more of it! Drinking more water is great for aiding digestion, absorbing nutrients, and regulating emotions.

Experience the Benefits of Soft Water in Santa Maria, CA

There are many benefits of a water softening system, but the biggest one is the upgrade in quality of daily life! Enjoy the best-tasting water, plus smoother skin and softer hair, even better-tasting coffee, when you invest in a water softener. The water quality experts at CalSoft Water can help you determine the water softening system that’s right for your home. Our water softeners are some of the most efficient, saving you money on energy costs. And don’t forget to ask about our environmentally friendly alternative to water softening that totally eliminates salt discharge, per California law.

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