Have you noticed a film left on your dishes when they are clean? This is a result of hard water. Now, imagine what that is doing to your hair! A lot of damage. Dry, frizzy, brittle hair that can even lead to hair loss!

Most of the United States has hard water. That means it has high levels of minerals in it, typically calcium, magnesium, carbonate, bicarbonate, and sulfates. When hard water comes into contact with cleaning products such as shampoo, it causes minerals to build up on your scalp. This prevents hair from absorbing the essential nutrients it needs for healthy texture and growth.

Unpleasant effects of hard water on hair are …

  • Color Fading. If you have colored your hair recently, you may notice fading sooner than normal. This is caused by high amounts of iron.
  • Greasy Hair. Hard water mineral deposits cause your hair to feel sticky, dirty and weigh it down. 
  • Dry Hair. The feeling of greasy hair requires you to wash your hair more frequently. Shampooing too often removes oils and moisture from your hair causing it to feel dry and frizzy, leading to split ends.
  • Hair Loss. Buildup of minerals interfere with new hair growth, causing your hair to thin.

4 Solutions for Healthier Hair

There are a few home remedies to reverse the effects of hard water on hair. These include:

  1. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar. Then, rinse with lukewarm water for softer hair. It does not smell the best, but vinegar removes mineral build-up from your hair.
  2. Rinse your hair with a mixture of lemon juice and water. Lemon removes buildup from your hair and increases the shine.
  3. Chelating shampoos are designed to eliminate mineral build-up on your hair. They can be costly, though.
  4. Soften your water. A water softener will remove minerals from your water supply. You will immediately notice a difference in the quality and health of your hair!

Eliminate the effects of hard water on hair for GOOD!

We can help you deal with the negative effects of hard water once and for all with our water softening solutions. Softer water will not only give you softer and healthier hair, but you will also have healthier skin, cleaner clothes and it will help your household appliances last longer. Essentially, a water softener SAVES you money!

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