The bottled water industry may still be booming, but we know that improving your existing tap water with a reverse osmosis  drinking water system is the better option. We are making it our mission to share the ever-so important reasons why. Being a more eco-friendly consumer IS becoming more important and more popular each year and it may truly be time to ditch those plastic (toxic) water bottles once and for all. Don’t you agree? From the financial savings to the benefits of filtered drinking water, we wanted to share with you OUR favorite reasons to stop buying bottled water and start using filtered water  from your tap instead.

The Many Benefits We Love – And The Things To Consider First


  • On-demand, filtered drinking water right from the tap for a one-time investment is a great way to ensure your home has high quality drinking water easy to access and easy to enjoy. There may be some maintenance and filters to consider throughout the lifespan of your reverse osmosis system, but our water treatment technicians can and will walk you through all of this upon contacting us.
  • Plastic bottles do not biodegrade. It ends up in oceans and landfills, and is having a devastating impact on marine animals and seabirds.
  • Plastic requires oil to create these bottles. It starts toxic and bad for the environment and ends up that way, too. Did you know that according to one recent article on the topic, The Pacific Institute reports that, “it took approximately 17 million barrels of oil equivalent to produce plastic for bottled water consumed by Americans in 2006—enough energy to fuel more than 1 million American cars and light trucks for a year.” We can do better!
  • Public resources are wasted. From lawsuits to misinformation, legal battles and poor marketing has cost us a lot.
  • Chemicals CAN leach from the plastic. In some brands and some plastics, there are non-drinkable and quite disturbing chemicals in the lining of the water – undrinkable contaminants in the water you’re supposed to… well… drink.
  • It may have a negative effect on your current recycling.
  • Honestly, they can be heavy, bulky and an eye sore. An RO system in your home is a better fit.
  • It’s good practice and may rub off on friends, family and neighbors who are interested in changing their habits and making better decisions to ditch the bottles too.


There are so many reasons to choose to invest in your own water – and improving the quality of your tap water doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With reverse osmosis, you will feel good knowing that your drinking water is free of potentially dangerous contaminants and is not going to lead to toxic plastic waste in landfills, neighborhoods or oceans. Give us a call and let’s chat about the advantages, deals and demands of your home. It feels good to do better for the environment and your family!