Water is life! Every cell in our body needs water to function. We all know it is important to stay hydrated, but it can be a chore to get that much water down. So, we have a few tricks to help you drink more water every day.


7 Tips to Help You Drink More Water


#1: Add Flavor- You can add a little bit of excitement to your water by adding fresh fruit, veggie slices, and herbs. Things like strawberries, lemon, cucumber or mint can really turn boring water into a treat.


#2: Make it a Routine- Link drinking water with a common daily activity. Drink a glass every time you eat, get up from your desk, or use the bathroom. This will help make drinking more water a healthy habit.


#3: Eat It- Many fruits and veggies have a high water content. Some top picks include cucumber (96%), zucchini (95%), watermelon (92%) and grapefruit (91%). Add them to your grocery list so you don’t forget!


#4: Carry a Water Bottle- Make water easily accessible when you’re on the go. Fill up your favorite water bottle before you leave (or always have a few filled and ready to grab) to keep hydrated while you’re out.


#5: Track It- It is rewarding to see progress. Using a marked water bottle is a fun way to make sure you’re getting enough water. There are also high tech water bottles that connect to your smartphone and record how much you drink.


#6: Challenge a Friend- Whether it’s losing weight or drinking water, there is no better way to get it done than by a friendly competition. Kick off a competition with a friend, or your kids, to see who can guzzle the most water each day.


#7: Invest in a Filter- Depending on the quality of your water, filtered water could actually be more of a necessity than a luxury.  Filtered water will taste better, is environmentally friendly, free of contaminants, and saves money! You can refill your own bottles and kick the plastic water bottles to the curb.


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And don’t forget … drink more water!

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