Soft Water the Easy and Environmentally Friendly Way

Water softeners are a must in many parts of California, due to the excessive hard water we have. However, many counties in our state have enacted water softener bans and there are more counties expected to follow suit. Water softeners are exceptionally effective at treating hard water problems, but unfortunately that comes with an environmental price. During the water treatment process, excessive total dissolved solids (TDS) are discharged into the environment.

The high salinity of discharged water from water softeners can have a negative effect on aquatic life as well as agriculture. In addition, the water shortages we face here in our state makes every source of available water precious, and California is doing everything it can to make sure it isn’t being compromised by TDS. So what options do homeowners and business have if they need to soften their water?

Well, fortunately, we have an easy solution – Portable Exchange Tank Soft Water Services. The beauty of this service is that there is no work for homeowners and businesses. Hard water is softened in an offsite facility and stored in tanks to be delivered to your location. There are no discharged TDS being introduced back into the environment, and consumers are still able to enjoy the benefits of softened water.

CalSoft technicians will come to your location and evaluate your hard water situation. They will then set up an exchange schedule that will fit your own unique water needs. One monthly fee will ensure that you always have soft water on hand and without all the environmental impacts and work of a traditional water softener. We also have 24-hour customer service technicians who are available to help if you run into a problem, and we rarely charge for a service call.

Once the tanks are delivered, the CalSoft technician will put them in place without any hassle to the consumer. The portable exchange tank does not require any electricity to work, nor a drain for discharged water. Once they are empty, we will pick them up and replace them with new full tanks, ready to be used.

Our water softener delivery service is available to meet the demands of businesses, apartments and residential homes. We currently service car washes, hotels, dry cleaners and several other businesses with our exchange tank service; businesses, and homeowners alike, love the convenience of not having to worry about fussing with a water softener. So why not do the environment – and yourself – a favor, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you with our easy portable exchange services.

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