Hard water, or water that is high in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can be really difficult to live with on a daily basis. Homeowners that have invested in a home water softener often see instant benefits and financial savings as a result. But, there are millions of Americans still living with hard water who are totally missing out. That’s why we wanted to share some of the most common hard water problems and the solutions that our water treatment company has that can help.

15 Common Hard Water Problems That Homeowners Face

1. Shortened lifespan for your water heater – This is one of the more serious and costly problems that can (and will likely) occur. It is estimated that a hot water heater lasts 8 to 10 years. But, hard water can shorten its life to as few as 4 to 6 years, depending on the amount of minerals present. The higher the level of hardness, the quicker it may break or become inefficient. An inefficient water heater requires more energy, increasing your monthly energy bill, too. As time goes on, limescale forms on the heating element which reduces its ability to heat the water. Likewise, mineral deposits settle at the bottom of the tank. The deeper the buildup, the less hot water will be available in the tank.

2. Buildup on faucets – Mineral buildup often forms and requires a special cleaner to remove. 

3. Residue on shower walls and tubs – The calcium in hard water prevents soap from dissolving. Rather than rinsing away, it sticks to surfaces in the bathtub. It can be difficult to remove, even with scrubbing, and looks bad, too.

4. Toilet issues – Minerals form inside the drainpipes, narrowing them, reducing water flow, and leading to clogs. The life of the toilet can also be decreased due to corrosion from internal mineral deposits.

5. Spots on dishes and glassware – Those cloudy water spots can be embarrassing when you have guests.

6. Dry, itchy skin – The film left on your skin can bother you, and it can exacerbate sensitive skin issues.

7. Dull, dingy laundry – Whites won’t be so white over time, you’ll be buying more detergent than you should be and the minerals will prevent detergent from truly cleansing your clothing. Clothes may also look yellowish-gray and dingy.

8. Slow draining sinks and drains –  This happens thanks to the mineral buildup inside the drain and in pipes.

9. Water-using appliances don’t last long – Appliances like washers, dishwashers, or even an ice maker just won’t last as long if they use hard water. Buildup causes clogs and decreases lifespan.

10. Low pressure showers – Your showerhead may get clogged and the water pressure will decrease.

11. Plumbing connection issues – Corrosion is common at the connections. Leaks that have hard water will leave behind mineral deposits.

12. Rusty rings in the toilet – These can be embarrassing, even if your toilet is pretty darn clean.

13. Discolored siding – Brick siding can become discolored over time.

14. No lather – No matter how much shampoo you use, you can’t get a good lather.

15. Poor tasting water – Drinking water looks cloudy and has a metallic taste. 

Improve Your Water Quality with a Water Treatment System

We can help you invest in the quality of your tap water and improve it with a water softener. Our experts will look at your water hardness, your household size and water demands and any other water issues you may have. From installed drinking water systems to soft water delivery with our portable exchange tank service, or your own water softener, we’re ready to help you get rid of hard water problems for good. Simply contact us today to get started!

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