Maintenance Free Water SoftenerIf you own a home, you know that regular maintenance is a never-ending project. From replacing light bulbs to air filters and everything in between, it takes time and effort to make sure your home is kept up to date on its maintenance. Well good news!! Here at CalSoft of Santa Maria, we have a maintenance free solution for your water softening needs. No more adding salt, changing water filters, cleaning out salt bridges or scheduling service technicians to come out because your water softener isn’t working right.

What IS this “Maintenance Free Water Softener”?

Well, you probably have already heard us talk about it before, but maybe didn’t realize how convenient it really is. Our Portable Exchange (PE) Tank Service – also known as soft water delivery service.

This water softener service is as low maintenance as it gets. Every 7, 14 or 28 days, our soft water service technicians come to your home and exchange your tanks. And one of the best parts – you don’t even need to be home to let them in! Most tanks are maintained and exchanged outside the home, making the exchanges hassle-free and effortless for you.

The frequency of the exchange service is customized to each individual home. We take into consideration the level of water hardness they have as well as the number of people who live in the home. For one monthly fee, homeowners are guaranteed to always have soft water available to them without having to worry about any work on their part or any extra expense.

Additional Benefits to Consider

Our current customers who take advantage of our PE Tank Service say that they love it. They obviously enjoy the convenience of having a low maintenance water softener, but there are other benefits as well.

As most of us who live in Santa Barbara county know, traditional water softeners are banned in many areas. The salt discharge associated with them can be harmful to the environment and water conservation isn’t exactly a priority for traditional water softeners.

However, the problem is that hard water is very prevalent in our area as well – so what are residents to do? Well, this is where a soft water delivery service has one of its greatest benefits. The water softening process takes place outside of your home, in our state of the art facility. This process is completed without any home water being wasted or salt discharge added into septic systems.

Another bonus of the PE Tank Service is that the tanks do not require any electricity to run nor do they require a drain. The exchange compounds are stored right in the tank and regenerated once they are returned to our facility here in Santa Maria.

If you are looking for ways to have soft water without all the hassle and environmental impact of a traditional water softener, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss options and pricing with you and get you started with a maintenance free water softener!

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