Buying a neWater Softener Protects Homew home is the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Whether it’s your first home or a home later on in life, building a new home is exciting. You get to design the look and layout, as well as many of the details. While most folks focus on the aesthetic details, there is something we want everyone who is purchasing or building a new home to think about, and that is protecting your new home with a water softener. 75% of homes in this country have hard water and it can really do a number on your home’s appliances and fixtures. Softened water can be a benefit to your new home (or old home) and can help you save a lot of money down the road, too.

Water softeners remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium from tap water which otherwise leave a scale buildup wherever it hits. This includes water-using appliances and pipes – which can blog or leak over time. You get less productivity and less lifespan with hard water and that’s a downfall for all homeowners. You see, hard water constitutes several problems throughout your home that you may or may not have noticed. Hard water is not only known to clog pipes, but it complicates soap and detergent dissolving in water, and leaves behind water spots.

Your new home is already going to cost you, so why would you want to spend more on energy, soaps and detergents, repairs or replacements on appliances or pipes and cleaners to remove the buildup? A water softener is an investment, but so was your new home. Protecting your investment is a smart move and anyone who lives with hard water issues will agree that it’s worth every penny. You will see brighter colors in your clothes, reduced scale build-up on your showers and softer skin. And these are just some of the benefits! We’d love to discuss more with you. We offer a number of systems to meet the water demands and size of your home. From soft water exchange tanks to installed water softeners, we will install and maintain the system as you need.

You’ve spent a lot of money on your new home… do you want to spend more money on hard water issues? If the answer is no, give us a call.

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