There are a lot of water treatment systems on the market these days. That’s a fact. There are many things you should consider before deciding on one single water softener. Also, a fact. But the most important fact you should start with is that not all water conditioners and water softening systems are made equal – there are lots of pros and cons to consider before you rent or buy a system. We don’t think that salt-free water softeners get enough press, so before you make your choice, here are some things you may need to know but would not have otherwise.

If you’re looking to avoid scale, our salt-free water softeners are one of the best ways to get softened water without the use of a traditional water softener.

Why? Because the water is conditioned off site at a state of the art facility, stored in portable tanks, and transported to your home by a water service technician. Once the tanks are empty, they are returned to the same facility for regeneration and re-use. Not only does this mean less time required by you to maintain a water softener system, it also means that no household water is wasted, and salt discharge is kept out of your septic. Furthermore, the portable exchange tanks do not use electricity, so your utility bill will be reduced, when compared to using a traditional home water softener system.

Advantages of a salt-free water softener

Some other advantages of our salt-free water softeners are:

  • No water or electricity waste.
  • You can enjoy softened water without an increase in your electrical bill since our salt-free water softeners don’t use electricity to run.
  • Your appliances will also run more efficiently with soft water which can further decrease costs.
  • Softening of water without salt that is harmful to the environment.
  • Less scale buildup in appliances that use water.
  • No salt is required so it is one less step and less expensive than traditional softeners.

Since almost 89% of American homes have some level of hard water, there is a good chance that your household could benefit from a water softener. When you’re ready to have your water tested or to learn more about which of our water treatment systems would be best for your household, give us a call. We can service all of your drinking water needs with a system, service and quality that will make hard water easier than you ever imagined.

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