You may wonder why a water treatment company is discussing irrigation practices, but we have good reason … we offer products that conserve water! July is known as Smart Irrigation Month and we love the idea of saving water and being smart when it comes to the products and practices that we use on a daily basis. You have probably read about our water treatment options that reduce wastewater or use less water and electricity. We also wanted to share what Smart Irrigation Month is all about!

What are we talking about during Smart Irrigation Month?

Smart Irrigation Month is a terrific initiative founded by the Irrigation Association. Its purpose is to educate the public about the benefits of irrigation technologies, products and services.  The goal is to increase global awareness of the important role that smart irrigation plays in food production and sustaining landscapes. The average household can use up to 2,500 gallons of water on irrigation of landscaping alone each time the irrigation system runs. Many times, you may only need about half that. Smart irrigation is the key!

Are you ready to be a water conservation hero?

Conserving water and being smart about our irrigation products and practices is something little each of us can do to help our world and our community. And, it can have a BIG impact. Thinking about how we can save water or use less water in a variety of ways actually does add up to hundreds, maybe even thousands of gallons of water conserved.  How could you cut back on the water you use on your lawn, garden or landscaping? Are you able to save some water in the kitchen? How can you get your friends, family, neighbors and local businesses to also commit?

You can follow water conservation efforts on social media as the Irrigation Association kicks off this year’s campaign. And, WEAR BLUE!

If you’re looking to save water in other ways, too, we can help!  Our soft water delivery service, also known as portable exchange tank service, helps reduce water waste throughout the whole process.  Already softened water is delivered to your door in tanks as you need it. It is an eco-friendly way to have a continual supply of soft water while water usage is reduced by almost two-thirds!

Give us a call and learn more about our water treatment systems. Home drinking water systems and  water softeners don’t HAVE to waste a lot of water!

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