The type of water softener you have in your home can give you some really great benefits. Most people, however, aren’t aware of the many benefits that a salt-free water softener can provide. When we think “water softener”, we simply think of a system which removes our hard minerals like magnesium and calcium in exchange for sodium ions. With a properly operating system, we no longer have to deal with water spots, stains or clogs.

However, there are more options to consider and going salt-free could be at the top of your list. Which type of water softener is better? Well, there’s no cut and dry answer – it all depends on your household’s needs.

Salt-based water softener facts

This type of system removes the hard minerals from your water, leaving you with that softened water that you desperately want and need. Through an ion-exchange process, those minerals are replaced with sodium ions. Effective for water with a high hardness level, these systems require the use of salt (pellets) and regeneration intervals, or a recharge of the whole process and system. This could alter the taste of your water. Or, for those who should be on a low-sodium diet, this may be a concern because this process adds salt.

Salt-free water softener solutions

As the name suggests, these systems provide access to soft water while eliminating the need for salt. Our portable exchange tank service allows your household to have a continuous flow of soft water with all of the benefits of a salt-less system. It’s the perfect solution if you want minimal maintenance (we will maintain the system for you) and softened water delivered to your home without the need for electricity or salt. PE tank service is also ideal in areas that have water softener restrictions.

Benefits of salt-free water softeners

Okay … we know this is what you have been waiting for. Let’s see that list of MAJOR advantages:

  • Salt-free units tend to be more compact, saving you space.
  • You won’t have to worry about adding more sodium into your diet, especially if you are dealing with cardiovascular issues.
  • These systems allow you to conserve water and be more eco-friendly.
  • Chemical-free water treatment.
  • No need to spend money on chemicals, salt, or electricity = savings!
  • We handle all of the maintenance and tank exchanges.
  • Your water-using appliances will last longer because you’ll eliminate scale and clogs.

Give us a call today and enjoy the benefits of soft water … salt-free!

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