Everyone deserves access to safe, clean drinking water. So when we’re talking about access to resources for future generations, sustainability is going to play an important role. It’s not enough for water treatment plants to simply meet the minimum health and safety requirements anymore. To promote true sustainability, consumers will need to push for water treatment plants that reduce their carbon footprint.


Types of Water Treatments


Not all water treatments are safe for the environment. Water treatment involves eliminating harmful contaminants to make the water safe for consumption, but some methods do more harm than good. When choosing a water treatment, consider the impact it has on the environment. Some filtration systems waste too much water, some generate too much CO2, and some use too much energy. 


  • Physical methods separate impurities from water using screening, filtration, flotation, and membrane technology (i.e. reverse osmosis).
  • Chemical treatment includes chemical reactions with pollutants to achieve the required safe drinking level (i.e. oxidation).
  • Biological methods use other microorganisms to neutralize existing pollutants.
  • Physico-chemical uses a mixture of methods to separate particles (i.e. chemical coagulation and separation).


Eco-Friendly Soft Water Treatment


When it comes to getting soft water for your home, you don’t have to stay torn between providing for your family and protecting the environment! A soft water exchange tank service offers the same benefits as a water softener but without the salt discharge. Instead, the regeneration process happens in a centralized facility with our trained technicians. A portable exchange tank offers the eco-friendly advantages of reduced salt discharge and reduced water usage. The soft water tanks are easy to exchange, plus they don’t require any electricity or drainage. Simply put, soft water delivery service is the most eco-friendly soft water solution!


How Eco-Friendly Soft Water Service Saves You Even More


Water is life and soft water extends life! The advantages of using a soft water delivery service are endless. Thanks to the low mineral composition, soft water will revitalize hair and brighten skin. And with less scaling and buildup, you can extend the life of your appliances and plumbing by years. You can treat your water and treat yourself at the same time. Get the benefits of bottled-water quality without the guilt.


Save on your water heater


Did you know that your water heater consumes the most energy in your home, second only to heating and cooling? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your water heater accounts for 14 to 25% of total energy used. 


But recent studies by the Water Quality Research Foundation show that switching to soft water can save you nearly 25% on your utility bill! With less scaling and hard water buildup, you can improve the efficiency of your hot water heater with this eco-friendly water treatment.


Save your energy for later


Now you know that using soft water drastically reduces your energy use. But nothing beats the convenience of eco-friendly soft water via a portable exchange tank. You don’t even have to lift a finger! Most portable exchange tanks are installed and maintained outside the home, with several exchange options available. 


Shrink your carbon footprint


Unlike other salt-based water softeners that discharge brine into the environment and contaminate groundwater sources, soft water portable exchange tanks provide an alternative that benefits both you and the environment. In many cases, soft water exchange tanks reduce the salt discharge rate to zero and cut water use by 30%. 


Say less is more


When you eliminate excess minerals and pollutants from your water, you’ll see that softer water flows more freely! Not only are you able to save on soap, shampoo, cleaner, and detergent, but getting cleaner has never been easier. Households that make the switch to soft water use less water, too. No extra rinsing! Now imagine how much time you’ll save.


Get Eco-Friendly Soft Water Solutions From Rayne


Soft water portable exchange tanks from CalSoft are the perfect eco-friendly soft water solution for dealing with hard water. A CalSoft technician simply exchanges the tank when needed and there is no salt discharge! Give us a call today and our technicians can address any concerns you may have.

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