best salt free water softenersIn areas like California, where hard water is a well-known household problem, water softening solutions have long been on people’s minds. With environmental concerns like salt contamination increasingly becoming a topic for local government authorities, however, home and business owners are looking for the best salt-free water softener options. Ideally, these options will help individuals and businesses comply with new local water softener regulations while still being able to get the benefits of soft water.

Our best salt-free water softener option

At Rayne, we do offer traditional salt based water softeners, but we realize that these do not meet every home or business’s needs, especially if they are located in areas with water softener restrictions. That is why we also provide Portable Exchange (PE) Tank Service, also known as Soft Water Delivery Service.

Benefits of PE Tank Service

With Portable Exchange Tank Service, hard water is treated under controlled conditions in a state of the art processing facility. The newly softened water is then stored in portable tanks that are delivered to your home by CalSoft technicians. When the water in the tanks is gone, the empty tanks are returned for regeneration and the whole process starts again. Here are a few of the most popular benefits of PE Tank Service:

  • The entire system is installed and maintained by Rayne technicians, not by you
  • No heavy bags of salt to lug around
  • No salt discharged into septic systems, meaning no environmental salt contamination and the system complies with local restrictions regarding saline discharge
  • No electricity is required, saving you money on your utility bill
  • No wasted water – perfect for communities with water restrictions
  • We offer emergency service and support, available 24/7, so you never have to go very long without soft water if you have a problem
  • Tank delivery schedule is personalized to meet your needs based on your water usage

Choosing the best water softener

When it comes to what will work best for your business or home’s water softening needs, the choice is yours, but we’re around to help. Whether it’s a salt-free water softener or a traditional salt based one, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each and have you on your way to enjoying the benefits of soft water.

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