drinking water qualityThis month is National Water Quality Month and it really intends to teach the public about the importance of safe drinking water. Here in our country, we have some of the best drinking water in the world. However, even THAT water isn’t always safe for consumption or clear of hard water minerals that can create problems for appliances, pipes and every day household chores.

This month is the perfect time for homeowners, business owners and even renters to educate themselves on what could be lurking in the tap water we consume, rather than take for granted the current quality of what we drink at home.

Knowledge is Power!

Let’s be honest here … when is the last time you actually read your water quality report or checked to see just how effective and up-to-date your water treatment facility in your municipality is? The majority of Americans get their water from one of the 54,000 local water providers across the country. Not all of them are working optimally. Their infrastructure and processes are older and there just simply isn’t funding to fix them all.

Do you have well water? How often do you test for drinking water contaminants and which ones do you test for? Are there things we don’t know about in our drinking water? There sure are … and many times, we cannot see or smell them.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has placed federal regulations on public water suppliers to ensure that they are monitoring more than 100 contaminants, but there are more than 100 potential contaminants out there.

Your water quality could also be affected by hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium. It’s not just about the possible pollutants. Water Quality Month is also a great time to remind you that softened water could be life changing. It eases your chores, saves you money on energy and could extend the life of your water appliances and prevent clogged pipes. That alone is worth the knowledge – and knowledge is power as we mentioned before.

Our water filters and water softeners will increase the quality of your water and they are affordable and easy! We offer Portable Exchange Tank Service which is literally the benefits of water softeners without as much salt discharge and we take care of the delivery and exchange of tanks for you.

Another MAJOR benefit that we are proud of is that you will have a very eco-friendly service with about two-thirds reduced water waste. This can even be done outside of your home in most cases, so you don’t have to schedule around us! THAT is something to celebrate in Water Quality Month!

It’s all about what you know and what you are aware of. The best water comes from when we do something about it – check out all of our water treatment options and learn how we can help you get the safe, contaminate free drinking water your family deserves!

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