water conservation lawsThe water crisis is not quite over here in California, and in an effort to combat what we have in front of us, water conservation laws will be changing again. As a recent article in The Tribune explains, this past summer Governor Jerry Brown quietly signed two bills that will set some of the most stringent water use standards in the country and will have implications for Californians for decades to come.

Are you aware of the new water restrictions?

Have they impacted your life? If they haven’t yet, they will. The new laws call for reducing indoor water use to 55 gallons per person daily as the standard for indoor residential water use by 2022 and 50 gallons per day per person by 2030.

Communities have done a really good job so far of reducing their water usage and their water waste, but since the crisis isn’t over, more needs to be done. However, we don’t want you to sacrifice the quality of the water in your household in order to save water or follow these restrictions.

Soft Water Delivery Tanks are Convenient and Easy!

Our PE tank services are the perfect solution for both softening your water while reducing water waste and limiting water usage in compliance with these new state laws. Hard water is really hard to live with and most traditional water softeners waste gallons of water each day during the exchange, softening and regeneration processes.

We’ll do the work, the maintenance and waste LESS water than traditional water softening systems. Our tanks require no electricity and no drain, so in most cases, installation can be done on property and outside a garage. The frequency of the exchange is based on the number of people in your home and the level of water hardness into your home.

We understand how important it is to have the water you need while still following the limitations and being compliant to reducing water waste and water usage. We’re all responsible in some manner for helping to alleviate the water crisis in our state. Avoid fines and stress with our Portable Exchange Tank System.

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