Water Supply Crisis

As those of us living in California know, the drought we’ve experienced over the last few years is quite draining. Draining on our water supply and on ourselves. As this continues to be an issue, many areas in California have looked to other sources to provide quality water to its citizens. One of these ways is to use wastewater wherever it is plausible. However, much of the wastewater used, contains high levels of sodium, making it detrimental to use in many cases. This high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) can affect agricultural products, damage homes, and can negatively impact our health. But where do these TDS’s come from?

Water Softener Bans

Due to the hard water found in most of the state, many homeowners have sought out the use of water softeners. While beneficial to those living in the home, these salt-based softeners discharge large amounts of sodium and potassium into the sewer system or ground every day. As a result, many counties have placed a ban on water softeners, leaving those who suffer from hard water in a difficult situation.

Solution to the Hard Water Problem

If you are one of the many who live in an area where water softeners are banned, a Portable Exchange (PE) Tank System is the perfect solution for you. This service provides the same benefits of using a water softener, without the harmful effects of salt usage. The water comes straight from a regeneration facility and is delivered right to your home in a portable tank. This system takes no electricity or effort, as once the tank is empty, another one is delivered and exchanged for you. These deliveries can be scheduled as often as needed, depending on how many live in your home and the hardness of your water.

CalSoft Can Help

Whether you live in an area with a water softener ban, or you and your family no longer want the hassle of maintaining your softener, CalSoft of Santa Maria can help. Delivery of soft water right to your home provides an environmentally friendly and hassle-free solution to your water woes. This service is non-invasive for you and your family, as most tanks are maintained and exchanged outside of your home. So give us a call today to discuss your water softener delivery service.

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