Choosing a Water Treatment Company Can Be Difficult. Let’s Talk about CalSoft of Santa Maria!

Hard water is a widespread issue throughout the United States, and is especially a concern here in our area. While it is true that hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous to drink, it can certainly cause some serious problems in our homes and businesses. Hard water wreaks havoc on pipes, appliances, fixtures, dishes, clothing and even skin and hair. Due to the excessive problems caused by hard water, it really isn’t a question of whether or not you should treat it, but rather, how you should go about treating it.

However, this brings us to another problem we continue to encounter here in California – water shortages. Many areas in the state of California have banned the use of water softeners due to the pervasive drought conditions, which is putting some homeowners and businesses in a state of panic. Fortunately, here at CalSoft of Santa Maria, we have a solution to the water softener ban – portable exchange units.

Portable exchange tanks are actually pretty genius; they provide the soft water homeowners and businesses require, and as an added bonus, are environmentally friendly. Along with saving you more time and effort than you would initially think, their environmentally superior way to soften water is highly desirable. The softened water they provide protects your pipes, appliances and fixtures, while still allowing you to enjoy luxurious-feeling water, as well as spot free dishes and soft skin and hair.

CalSoft’s Water Softener Delivery Service regenerates hard water in a state of the art facility, without the use of salt in your home. There will be no discharge of salt into the environment, which will help protect what groundwater we still have available. The tanks are delivered to your home or business and then picked up when empty. There is no need for electricity, or even a drain, and they are completely approved to be used in areas with a water softener ban.

CalSoft technicians will come out to your location and evaluate your hard water situation. Once it has been determined what water treatment is needed, they will set up an exchange schedule that will fit your own unique water needs. One monthly fee will ensure that you always have soft water on hand and without all the environmental impacts and work of a traditional water softener. We also have 24 hour customer service technicians who are available to help if you run into a problem, and we rarely charge for a service call.

Our portable exchange service is available to meet the demands of residential homes, apartments and businesses. We currently service hotels, car washes, dry cleaners and many other businesses with our exchange tank service; businesses love the convenience of not having to worry about fussing with a water softener. So why not do the environment – and yourself – a favor, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you with our easy portable exchange services.

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