It’s National Groundwater Awareness Week this week! While most people may not be overly familiar with it, that is exactly why it is held annually … to help advocate for water as an extremely valuable resource and provide action plans, tips and information to the communities in which we live.

Groundwater plays a significant role in our lives and is constantly at risk of deteriorating. Groundwater safety, its protection, and its access across the nation are the main goals this year! 

It starts with advocacy!

Advocacy is where this week starts, but it also requires education, too. The question remains, how do we educate our friends, family, neighbors and community about groundwater quality, protection, management, conservation and the importance of testing private water systems?  We are the voice for groundwater and we want to make sure there is no risk to this precious resource. The theme this year truly is about being a voice and advocate for groundwater.

Groundwater uses

We use groundwater a LOT here in the United States for everyday tasks. According to experts, some facts about groundwater include:

  • Water leaks in average homes around the country can waste nearly 10,000 gallons of water every year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The EPA also notes that ten percent of homes have leaks that waste a staggering 90 gallons or more per day!
  • Of the estimated 29 billion gallons of water used daily by households in the US, nearly 9 billion gallons, or 30 percent, is devoted to outdoor water use, according to EPA’s WaterSense program. In the hot summer months, or in dry climates, a household’s outdoor water use can be as high as 70 percent.
  • In the U.S., groundwater is used daily for both public and private supply, irrigation, manufacturing, and more … to the tune of 82.3 billion gallons per day according to the U.S. Geological Survey!

During Groundwater Awareness Week, all people are encouraged to get active and get informed. It is even encouraged to contact your local, state and federal representatives to request that they help protect the groundwater in your locality. Remind your neighbors who have private water systems like private wells to get them tested regularly for contaminants. Do your part in reducing water waste and finding better habits for outdoor water use.

One of our favorite tips from NWAW is giving your home well (if you have one) a checkup this week! states that a “properly constructed and maintained household-supply well will provide you with many years of quality service. Routine inspection of a water well system can help ensure it is operating properly, prolong its useful life, and protect your investment.”

When was the last time you had your well tested? Inspected? Get your water tested anytime there is a change in taste, odor or appearance, or anytime the system is serviced.

How can we protect and conserve our groundwater?

  • Use native plants.
  • Manage waste properly to reduce improper disposal and contamination of toxic substances.
  • Reduce chemical use around your home and yard.
  • Shut off the water when brushing or shaving. 
  • Fix leaks and drips in your home and outdoor fixtures. 
  • Take quicker showers.
  • Water plants or flowers during the coolest parts of the day.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!
  • Try natural alternatives to cleaners.
  • Keep learning, keep doing better, and keep sharing water conservation tips with the people in your life.

If you have more questions, need help with your water quality, or want to schedule a water test, contact our water treatment professionals today!

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