There is a huge focus these days on water conservation and the need to protect our environment. The conundrum is that we also have a huge problem with hard water in our community. So how can we both soften water and be environmentally conscious at the same time?

The answer might be easier than you think! CalSoft offers a Portable Exchange (PE) Tank System for soft water delivery. This type of hard water treatment is the most environmentally superior way to soften your hard water.

How does the PE Tank System Work?

This system is actually much easier to use than a conventional water softener – we do all the work for you!

The water softening process takes place in our state of the art facility without any water being wasted or salt discharge added into septic systems. Homeowners who utilize our Portable Exchange service can still enjoy the same softened water they are used to, but without the use and discharge of salt into the water supply system.

As an added environmental bonus, the tanks do not require any electricity to run and they don’t need a drain. The used exchange compounds are stored in the tank and returned to the CalSoft facility where they are regenerated.

Additional Benefits

Our customers who utilize the PE Tank Water Softening System say that they love it. The frequency of the exchange service is customized to each individual home. We take into consideration the number of people who live in the home, as well as the level of water hardness they are dealing with. For one monthly fee, homeowners are guaranteed to always have softened water available without any work on their part or any extra expense.

If you have hard water and are looking for a more environmentally responsible way to soften it, take a look at our water softener delivery service, it might just be the way to go!

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